Mommy dearest….

Everyone who blogs probably has a blog about their mom coming, this weekend being Mother’s day and all! I love my mom! I think just like everyone else loves their mom. Moms are just special. There is no rhyme or reason why that is the case. I am very close to my mom, I talk to her multiple times everyday. The only reason my 45 minute commute is bearable is because I talk to her. I never thought we could become closer than we were, but having a kid on my own made that possible. From recipes, to kid rearing, to discussing the minute details of our days is something we enjoy a lot.

I have been one of the lucky few to have spent a lot of time with my mom. I stayed home till i got married, so for 25 years been a home bird. As it is with every girl, marriage seemed a big change, in spite of knowing my husband for a long time before that. My mom made the transition so easy for me, she encouraged me to have and keep my own household, to be independent. I have learned a lot from my mom, the most important of which is how to keep my family happy. I am no her, I am not as selfless, and can never be. But I try to do the small stuff she taught me.

From a young age I was encouraged to do be a part of the kitchen, not that I did much, but was always allowed. The most defining experience for me, was when my mom had to go to Varanasi when I was in 10th standard, and I had to keep house. My grandad, my dad and my brother. I was in charge of the kitchen, and mind it my grandad had very specific requirements for breakfast, lunch and dinner. All had to me made fresh, breakfast iddly or dosai, lunch- full cooking- rasam, sambar, kaai, and dinner – chappathi. She taught me, taught it all and I managed quite well. Dad was busy with work, brother, have no clue what he was up to :), I was in charge. The confidence she had in me is what helped. She was supposed to be gone for a few days, but she got stuck there due to floods and came back only after what seemed to be an eternity!!

Don’t get me wrong, I was pampered, I am pampered still, by all my family, mom, dad, brother..and now my husband and in laws, but I have been taught when to step up and take care of myself.

The other interesting facts about me and moms….I have 6 of them:) My mom is one of 9 children, 6 girls and 3 boys. My mom is the 6th, and the youngest girl. So I have 5 Periammas(Aunts) all of whom I call “Amma”. They are my moms. All of them have played extremely significant roles in bringing me up and I am super close to all of them. So yeah again pampered 🙂 I miss them all, wish we could all be in the same place.

I have so many people ask me what we talk daily and how we can have so much, but I do. I share everything with her, happiness, frustrations, anger, sadness and now of course the never-ending topic of Avyukt. Come soon mommy, I miss you. You are the best and I hope one day Avyu feels I am as good a mom as you are. And the same for all my other ammas, I have been taught how to be a good one, I have watched and learnt and wish to pass on at least some of the joy and happiness all of you have brought me.

On this mothers day, cheers to all of you. Love you all with all my heart. Jaya amma, Kunja Amma, Savirtri ma, Pattu ma, Vaalu ma (I know you are looking down on me), and my own dearest….you guys are the best! Thanks for setting such a lofty example for me. Love you all.

p.s Thanks to your lovely grandson u had no time to publish this yesterday!! So here to goes, dedicated to the most influential people in my life.



  1. Sampoorna Satheesha said,

    May 11, 2010 at 3:54 am

    This blog is bitter sweet for me. Sweet, because I understand every single sentiment you have expressed and we do share all the ‘ammas’ credited here. And a silent whimper passed through my lips when I realized how long it’s been since I spent some quality time with my own mum. It has been years (a good part of a decade even!). Life’s been unkind to me in that sole aspect.

    We learn most by example and best by doing. Mum (and this is to all my mums) – your love, compassion, selflessness and knowledge has given us the self-confidence to realize our potential. So, what we have learnt by being your daughters we practice by being women of honor. Maybe life still is not a piece of cake but it doesn’t stop us from having a sweet tooth! Thank you for making me humble enough to appreciate the soil that nourished the roots which ground me.

  2. avymom said,

    May 12, 2010 at 9:12 am

    Hugg. I know, it is hard! But I often think of our very blessed childhood to be pampered so much and draw strength from that! Hoepfully we all get to meet soon.

  3. Rajee Rangarajan said,

    May 12, 2010 at 2:18 pm

    My dear..I am speechless..Thank you for your lovely thought about us, mothers..I could not have asked for a greater gift than this for Mothers Day..I am glad I passed on the spirit my mother(Manni) gave me…

    Love you

  4. savitri satheesha said,

    May 14, 2010 at 2:55 am

    I read this only today.(14th).I am busy now playing the role of daughter in law!
    Thank you for what you have written about your moms.All credit goes to grandmom who guided us & is guuiding us to be understanding moms.
    love you

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