Little things…

Well before I did this posting I briefly considered if I should go ahead and change the ‘About’ section in my blog, as this article is not necessarily within the theme of the blog. And also, ever since I started blogging I am feeling the need to express my opinion on everything which I am starting to curb, as I really do not think the world is ready for it. (LOL)

This reminds me of one of the episodes on the show ‘The Office’. For Office followers this may resonate more. There is this character called Creed, he is weird to say the least and does not always say the most appropriate things. Well, he wants to start a blog. This was from an episode couple of years ago maybe. So he asks the office geek, Ryan to help him. You see scenes of Creed typing feverishly and talking about his blog. Then they pan in and you can see Creed typing in Microsoft word :p…with a URL on the top. Ryan chips in saying that he is saving the world from Creed’s thoughts J….LOL, which is exactly what Ajit suggested I do when I wanted to start blogging.

Anyway after that pointless introduction comes the ‘Oh so cute’ part of this blog. Shameless promotion of their kids activities is second nature to parents I guess. I never ‘got’ it before I became a mom. See I grew up with tons of dogs and if you ever met a dog owner am sure at some point of time you wished that they would really shut up about their dog J I used to be the sharer in that arrangement and now I think of the tons of people who would have wanted me to shut up. Now that I have a kid it has become worse!! I want to shout to the world every little thing he does, facebook helps a bit, but what more than doing it on my own blog…so now I introduce a new category ‘Shameless promotions of my child’s antics’. All articles shall be tagged so people who want to avoid can and those who want to coo over the things he says now, can please continue to follow.

If alone I was technically savvy I would have videos of him doing stuff, but I have to be satisfied with me narrating what happened. See when someone comes home, it is a natural thing to ‘show off’ your little one. Little A can now count 1 to 10, identify all shapes, all alphabets and wait for it….READ. He now ‘reads’ alphabets in the words he sees. Recently at a wedding we went to, he reads the ‘Bride Name’ weds’ Groom name’ board letter by letter with no help….and if you had panned the camera you would have seen 2 kinda awestruck and beaming parents. So when your little one does so much that you can show off, I ask why not?

Am sure as he grows up he will be subject to more humiliation and be asked to sing, perform etc for visitors, but I confess here that I DO have all intention to stop this when he asks me too, so for now I can do what I want J

So look forward to the ‘Mazhalai Muthukal’ (Kid talk- being compared to pearls)…this is just a snippet of his vocab for now:

Circle: Chachuu

Triangle: Taaaluu

Barthi Thatha: Pakki Thatha(hehe)

Rajee Paati: Aajee Patti

Balu Thatha: (smile) Thathaaaa

Sumathy Patti: Upathy Paati

Ram Uncle( My favorite one): Makkku

Chocolate: Chokkeyy

How do you do?: How dodododoooo

I Love you: Iwyuwvyyuuuu

On seeing the rain outside: Water..and proceeds to keep both his thumbs to his mouth and tilts his head back to drink water.

My favorite moment this week…when I help him eat I often say that the spoon is an airplane and it is trying to land in his mouth. Ever since our SFO trip and his deep understanding of what an Airplane is when he is eating by himself, I find him saying “Aipaanne” and does all sorts of curves with the spoon and takes it to his mouth….:)(it is hard to suppress a smile then)

The reason for this blog, is yesterday I was sitting on the couch, he comes with a cracker in his hand and says ‘sit sit’ and says ‘chair’…tapping my knee, which means he wants to sit on my lapJ. He always did this to Ajit and never to me, it felt sooooooooo good. We then saw “Metti”…the title song for ‘Metti Olli’, an Indian TV series, with him dancing on my lap….

Everything felt so complete….

Here is him cutey smiling at cue…(this one was born loving the camera)



  1. Rajesh said,

    May 26, 2010 at 5:11 pm

    Was this reaction after u made him watch metti oli?…poor avyu..

  2. avymom said,

    May 27, 2010 at 8:24 am

    This is his cutey smile..also he LOVES the title song..serial paaka vida maatan 🙂

  3. Lakshmi said,

    June 6, 2010 at 7:20 am

    Pakki thaatha and makku.. I was actually LOL.. he is such a cutie pie!!

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