Picking up fun!

Well, after that post which prompted a lot of moms to let me know they felt the same way (Thanks so much for reaching out me!), here is its continuation. My happiest part of days such as those is driving to pick up the cutey. I get all excited to just walk in there because I know the best of moment of my dad is just around the corner.

He often catches glimpses of me through the window in the door and his face just lights up. As soon as I walk in, you can see some of the kids look beyond to see if its their turn yet to leave and then some of them start chanting, ‘Avy, Avy, Avy’….and my hero, with his proudest ‘My-mommy-is-here’ face, walks up to me and hugs me saying ‘ Amma, hugggg’, and THAT, is the best moment ever. We let that hug just linger a little bit, while the other kids crowd us.Then he would immediately ask “Appa?’, I say “Home”, he seems satisfied but he would repeat the same thing till we reach the car. Normally Avy is always wearing only one shoe, so I sit him and put the other and carry him out.

We climb up the stairs counting them on our way out…”Mannnnnnn, Twooooo, Thweeeee’, and then we reach the fish tank at the top and Avy would want to do his fishy faces and then as I carry him out we will stop at ‘Pike’s’ tank (Spike is the lizard) and say byyee to him, blow kisses and walk out. Avy will continue his attendance taking, “Patti? Thatha? Appa?”, and the car ride home is fun…we will count the trees, the cars, see birds a beautiful experience for us.

At this point I forget all the other thoughts that plague me, because all is right in the world. I am where I am supposed to be, with the little one. Seeing him happy at his daycare playing is what makes all this possible. I often stand outside and look through the window him laughing and playing with the other kids. He has been knowing all their names for a while now, and whenever we go out and he sees some kid and they resemble anyone he knows he immediately shouts their name and often startles the other kids…LOL. 

Everyday is a full circle by itself!


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