Weaning..Is it Avy or me?….Part 1!

JUNE 8, 2010

Well this has been a long time coming. When I was pregnant whenever anyone told me that I HAD to breastfeed my baby till he was two or three years, my answer was the same ‘NO WAY’. Well, time has gone by and I am very close in achieving that goal.

 Let us recap how we got to this fateful day…

 Never had a minute of doubt in my mind that I would breastfeed my baby. I mean it was given, never thought of anything else.  And the textbook parent (which is what my dad called me, which is a whole another story!!) in me, wanted to stick to the whole no formula for six months and solids only after that, but then the realist me kicked in. I would be going back to work in 3 months and Avy would be starting daycare when he is 4 months, which would be the beginning of my tax season.

With people from every corner saying I would not have any milk because of the stress I used to give him one feed of baby formula everyday and pump breast milk 3 or 4 times at work to make up for the rest till it got to a point where I had tons of frozen milk so I stopped the formula completely. Those initial months were the toughest I would be dead tired from all the energy sapping pumping and overnight feeding.

Well we hit the six month mark and I had minor thoughts of weaning but then continued longer since my tax season got over and I felt like I had more energy. Then when Avy was around 9 months I wanted to wean him again, but that is when this whole allergy incidents started happening and thoughts about weaning was put in the deepest closet possible.

Months went by and then we had the India trip for his first birthday and I made up my resolve to wean after we came back- breastfeeding while in India was useful, with all the chances of infection in India and to make the flight more comfortable. Once we came back we slowly moved him to Rice Milk during the day but I still fed him the other times.

At that point we were still reeling from and learning how to deal with his allergies that the thought of depriving him milk from me was just impossible to even think. I was not pumping anymore as he was drinking Fortified Rice Milk during the day. This arrangement kept goind on till he gained a little weight and I was comfortable till we found some alternate source of good fat for him.  So we were down to the evenings, nights and early morning routine.

Then finally December of 2009, when he was 15 months we made some progress- we had cut out the evening feeds and it was just at night and early mornings.  See we did not want to wean him from me to a bottle, as he never used bottle after his 1 year birthday, he was already drinking from sippy cups. The last thing I wanted to do is get him hooked on to a bottle. I also never wanted to do the crying out method etc, I just could not handle it.

Anyways, last week of December between Christmas and New Year we decided to move to high gear, relatively low period at work, so sleep deprivation was okay. He would take cup of milk and his dad would put him to bed. Then in the middle of the night when he woke up we would give him another cup. There was just 2 days of some crying, nothing more than him crying if he did not like the car seat, and he was doing sooo good. He would drink his milk and fall asleep on his dad’s chest.

So when I thought we were done or really close to being done the Stupid , Stupid flu season hit. Avy got a huge cold and both he and I caught a stomach bug. He would vomit anything he ate and the Dr said all we could give him for couple of days was just water, saltines and Pedialyte ( like Glucon-D) and of course breastmilk. So staying home with him, put him back into an endless cycle of feeding and there was no way I could let him cry or deprive him anything then. So there it started all again, afresh in the New Year.

Of course then, the busy months started and with long days and less sleep to begin with I certainly had no strength to be awake all night trying to wean him….I let it go. I would go back and forth and list about 100 reasons on why I should wean and not wean him…and the battle in my head continued. But mostly I did it so that his fat intake would be good and in his January allergy appoinment his doctor seemed to agree that a little longer would be beneficial for me.

Then tax season ended , my mom visited then now Ajit’s parents are here andwe did a bit of travelling and nothing had changed on the weaning front except of course discussions on why I should wean. And that brings us to June 8, 2010….See Part 2 soon….


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