Shy one…

Just back after a lovely weekend. 3 days of just relaxation and fun and also today is a reminder that my next holiday will not be for a very long time. What was originally planned to be a weekend where our friends were visiting turned out to be 3 days of totally different things. First of all, my Periappa (Uncle- dad’s older brother) called up last week on Tue or Wed, and we caught up quite a few things and I, of course, summarized all of Avy’s antics and it made him all sappy! He called back and told us that he would be visiting us with his family, just to hear the little one call him ‘thatha’. Such is the melting powers of grandkids.

See my Periappa owed us a visit for over 2 years, ever since we moved into our own house, then Avy’s birth etc etc, but it is always hard to find the right time. I am so happy that they spontaneously decided to come and it turned out to be such a nice weekend.- Wimbledon, a pond visit, dinner outside, fireworks, lake visit etc etc

So, coming to the title, I know all of you can guess who is the shy one!!!! When I was pregnant, I always imagined my little one would be the kid that would go to everyone the minute they called, and will be the one that would smile all the time (that Avy does, just not at new people). Anyways, the last, almost 22 months have taught me so much more about Avy and also more about Ajit and me. Avy got into the whole stranger anxiety thing even by the time he was five, six months. He would cry if new people tried to hold him, and sometimes even if they were in the same room. I did NOT expect that at all. I found myself giving excuses as to why he does that (I think I still do), but am slowly trying to accept that.

He has grown, and things have changed a bit. he no longer cries at the sight of new people, but he takes his time. He gets used to younger people quicker. The people who persist and try to play with him, he plays with them. If someone stays at our place he takes a day, but he eventually lets his guard down (I guess once he is convinced that they would not take him). But they are to sit near him and play and not try to carry him, I think that freaks him out. He would sit on their lap and play, and loves it if they did anything with alphabet and numbers.  I have also noticed that if anyone does not bother him much, and keep their distance he warms up more to them, than people who try to carry him at the first go.

As I was thinking back to this weekend, it took him a whole day to warm up to Periappa and Periamma, and he got well settled only by the time it was time for them to leave. The softy that he is, he always feels bad when people leave after he is used to them. Once he takes his time and likes you, he gets really attached.  The weekend ended with him imitating my Periappa’s loud laughter and fulfilled my Periappa’s wish of being called ‘ThaTha’. I, however felt bad that they did not get to see him in his full blown action!

But what I realized is I still find myself trying to defend him if he does not go to anyone and have trouble accepting that he is ‘shy’. I have to realize that Ajit and I are shy people. We take a while to warm up and talk to new people. I was really shy as a baby, kinda like Avy, refusing to go to anyone, talk to anyone, now people who know me can vouch that I talk way more than I should. Ajit is the same way, always cried at strangers when he was a kid. I guess the apple does not fall far from the tree.

I just wish people could see the Avy we see, the smart, chirpy, sly- vaalu that he is. But then we are the inner circle for him , I guess his chosen people!!! Perks of being the parents!



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