I used to LOVE summer holidays. We used to get shipped off to our grandparents house and it was 2-3 months of nonstop fun. It was all fine and dandy till the hard part came, till it was time to leave. L

My in-laws left on Saturday after their “summer holidays” with their grandson! How time has changed and it is hard. The relationship between the thatha (granddad)-the paati (grandma) and the peran (grandson) had grown leaps and bounds in these two months.

What started off slow has now reached its peak. Avy was shy when they first came, hiding behind my leg or Ajit’s when they first came. Now he sits on this Thatha’s lap and hardly lifts his face up to give me a byebye when I leave for work.

Dear Avy,

Here is what I want you to know about their stay here…

–          The way their faces light up when they see or even for that matter hear us utter your name.

–          The way they list out all your vaaluthanams when Ajit and I get back from work.

–          The way Paati runs behind you trying to get that half teaspoon more food into you, while you just turn your head with the slyest of smiles.

–          The way they feel proud of any utterance that comes from your mouth

–          The way you say “Nooo Thatha”

–          The way you manipulate them- Avy you have to know the way you picked your battles you made sure you always won with them J. You would talk nicely to Thatha and hug him whenever you wanted him to start the laptop for you, for your never ending E-I-O’s, you would proudly announce ‘outthaii’ (outside) and seeing no response from your dad or me, run to the stairs looking for Thatha, who you know would never fail you, you would run to paati whenever you get hungry knowing that she would always have what you need. The comfort you have grown to seek in them is something so heartwarming to see.

–          The way Thatha always is around with a camera to make sure to document every single one of your move.

–          The way they talk about you to others with pride.

–          The way Patti talks with you, with SOOOO much love which is only possible by a grandma.

–          The way thatha tells you “Nee dhaan da enna ivalo paasama koopidara” (You are the only one who calls me so nicely).

–          The way you imitate Surya (Avy’s cousin) and say “Po Thatha”

–          The way Amma so thoughtfully makes sure the Fridge ALWAYS has Dosai Maavu, the way she sets aside the first few dosais to make sure you get a neat, clean crisp one, which you take two bites off!

–          The way she reminds Ajit and I of all the things we need to do/take with us before we leave with you outside.

–          The way Thatha sits with you hours on end, playing the SAME song again and again.

–          The way Paati taught to say Chit, Chit (Bird), Thothhi Thotthi (kothi kothi) with so much excitement.

–          The way they genuinely believe that YOU’RE THE smartest baby on the face of this earth.

–          The way you made it a point to tell them goodnight and give them a kiss every night.

–          The way they played with you making you believe that the smallest boo from you would scare them to the core.

–          The way their heart break whenever you itch or scratch, the way they try to understand what it is that is affecting you. I hope you recover soon, for them.

And a million more things….

I am so happy they came, they got to see him start talking, start saying his A,BC’s, start his terrible two stage with the constant defiance. I hope they will come again soon. Here is what I am going to miss…

1)      The way the house was full- entering the house with either Thatha or Patti screaming Avy’s name is fun -Grandsons should paduthify (trouble) their grandparents.

2)      Amma’s sooper cooking.

3)      Appa’s big smile….always!

4)      Arguments with Ajit, with Amma’s support- and the fact that Amma supported me everytime.

5)      Cooking for them, I tried more variety when I they were here.

6)      Letting Avyu stay home and his face beaming after a day with Thatha and Paati.

7)      Appa’s Masala Pori!

8)      The way Ajit was happy to have his parents around!

Come back soon! We miss you!



  1. Telugumom said,

    July 21, 2010 at 11:35 am

    Very nice post!

  2. parisal said,

    July 21, 2010 at 12:21 pm

    That is such a sweet write up. Love the post Anu!

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