Those night talks….


Ever since the weaning started, we are now having a long night-time routine for Avy. This includes a bath, and 3 books, then cup of milk and me singing him to sleep.

The singing part has had tremendous change in the past month. The ONLY song he wants me to sing these days is “Old McDonald” (EIO as he calls it).  It was fine when the only animals he knew were farm animals, now he knows a LOTTTT of animals, and he wants all of them to be on the farm. He does not get that Lion and Snake cannot co-exist with sheep and cow :):)

So I spend 20 minutes singing this song with ALL animals he knows, when I get to the line “And on that farm he had some BLANK”…Avy will pick his animal and somehow he request for hippo more than anything else!!!!


We were reading the “What makes you giggle?” book which has the Sesame street characters. He knows almost all of them. Avy now enjoys calling us, by wrong tags. Like he will point to me and say App, will call himself Thatha and start laughing. So this one night while we were reading, he started pointing to all the characters and pointed to Elmo and said “Avy”, and named a few other, Appa, Thatha and Paati. I was waiting to see what he picked to crown Amma, scanning the page he landed on “Alice”..named it “Amma”…for those who don’t know it was Alice the Elephant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(:(


As you may already know, Avy’s days are consumed by his never-ending love for alphabet and numbers. He is now showing interest to hold up his hand to show the number he is saying. So we were lying in bed and he was pulling my fingers to show the numbers he was calling out. We started,.. 3- check, 6 -check, 5-check….all with his surprised smile when I use two hand for 6 etc…and ever so charmingly he calls out “13”……!!!!!!@!!!!


The final kicker, so Avy has this habit of biting when he is extremely happy!! He never bites out of anger or spite, just when he is overjoyed he runs to us and tries to bite. So we have been trying to correct this and we use the last line from the Five Little Monkeys rhyme – (for those who do not know this one here it how it goes- )

Five little monkey jumping on the bed

One fell down and bumped his head

Mama called the doctor and the

Doctor said – No more monkeys jumping on the bed!!! (Then we count down, 4 little monkeys, 3 little monkeys etc…you get the drift!)

So anyways, when we stop him from biting and we usually ask him “What did the Dr. say?”,  Avy would always say ‘No more biting!” and he would say Sorry etc.

Yesterday while I was dressing him after his bath he tried to bite me, I pulled him away before he bit me and asked him in a stern voice…”Avy, what did the doctor say?”

He looks me in the eye with a twinkle in his, and says “No more Amma”!……:):)



1 Comment

  1. telugumom said,

    July 23, 2010 at 5:31 pm

    It is amazing how fast kids learn 🙂 The innocence is so cute. Sarath is slowly coming out of that innocence phase and I don’t like it 😦

    Have a great weekend!

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