Endearing moments…

It is those small moments that can turn a sucky day into, well a non sucky one…

Yesterday was a bad day for me, I was tired, could barely move, wanted to just sit and stare into the wall…. I picked up Avy from daycare and he was sad since his friends were moved up to the next class and he was missing them. His turn is next week and he will join them soon. So I took him to the new class showed his friends and we went home. I gave him to my mom (Sooo thankful she is here now when I am going through this), and made myself some coffee and fell on the couch. Too tired to even talk. Wondering in my head if I would ever feel better…

I hear Avy talking to my mom, having his dinner, I hear him wash his hands, and I was watching tv,  I could hear the small feet running towards me…he comes with his biggest smile and says “Amma, up, up up…”. He by now has his kutty hands below my thighs in an effort to make me get up.

I ask “Enna da venum? (What do you want?)”…he does not answer, but just keeps saying “up, up up..”

So I get up, and he searches and grabs my pinky on the right hand and pulls me into the kitchen and says “Kokkkiii”. I smile, and ask him “Did you finish your paruppu sadam (dinner)?”,

he says “YESSSSS”, I see my mom nod and so I take out and give him a cookie. See normally, I take one too, and we eat it together, but yesterday i was just sad and did not feel like one.

He took his cookie and asked me “Amma-ku?”, I said “Its okay baby, you have”. I went back to my couch and coffee.

He comes with this deep thought on his face, stands with his elbows on my knees, and takes out the teeniest, tiniest bit of his oreo cookie and says “Amma-ku”, and MAKES me eat it.

I see the relief in his face after that, as though it was alright in the world for him to eat it, as his Amma had a piece…

I snapped right out of my funk for him, atleast for the next few minutes…


1 Comment

  1. telugumom said,

    August 5, 2010 at 9:15 pm

    I always feel kids are the best things that happen to us… no one can brighten our mood like they do.

    Good that your mom is here to help you out.

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