Where have I been?

Well, this has to be the longest I have not posted. Multiple reasons- very busy at work, too many doctor appoinments, medication side effects that left no writing skills 🙂 , an accidental milk incident for Avyu at his daycare (he is fine now, reaction was milder than expected and he has fully recovered now) and maybe a little bit laziness. And, this post is just a  filler in what is going to be another 2 week time gap in my blog. So till then, just some small snippets on the little monster and some updates:

– Thyroid medictaion working on and off for me, days when I feel okay, days when I just want to bury myself deep inside only to be dug out by a pair of tiny hands saying “Amma up, up, up”

– Little one is in major learning obsessions. He can now count to 20, finally mastered his colors, of course his first love, ABC’s are still in vogue. As I am debating whether or not to teach him the small alphabets, he picks up a cpaital P magnet he has, turns it over and says “d”.Hmm, maybe I don’t have to teach him… 

– Puzzles was the theme of last week. He is solving his own 12 piece animal puzzle which he has been working on sometime now. But now he knows it only too well. So we have graduated to some animal puzzle from  Djeco here .
Well you see the Zebra is the hardest one. I suffered through it. And yesterday while I was helping him with the monkey trying to figure out what goes where, and Ajit got up to help the puzzle challeneged me, by then Avy had already found the piece fitted it and was clapping his hands in joy! Oh those young minds!!!!

– Nursery rhymes are also in vogue. He can almost sing most of them, though his words are not fully clear yet. He sings in both languages and knows some in both. He will sing along with us all the time.

– Last week at his daycare they gave him milk by accident, in the last 1.5 years the first time it has happened. I can only be happy that his reaction was mild and that they are taking this matter seriously. So after 2 days of shock and thoughts of quitting my job, he is back. I have expected this in the past, and it was a mistake, a costly one yes, but the one they handled with care after the fact. I have to trust my instinct again, I cannot keep him in a shell ….He has moved up in his daycare to the next class, so after the stressful first few days- new teachers- he seems better. When I picked him up yesterday they told me that he is talking a LOT. His shyness is slowing going away and he is bursting out of his shell. Good to hear.

After a week we all have settled down, little one is back to his form, and everything seems okay, but the fear is lingering in the back of my head and I am back to feeling, what if it happens again….I must get used to living with this feeling I guess…No one can can watch over him like I can. There is going to be time when this happens, why, I myself have fed him ghee laden chapatthi after a slip of my mind….dont even ask me what I was thinking…I spent a sleepless nights and many days not able to forgive myself for that…all I can say is no matter how obsessed you are it happens. That is why there is epi-pen and benadryl. I just hope another incident does not occur and I am able to come out this fully…

Edited to add: After Remya’s comment. Amma is the biggest strength for us right now, not sure how I can handle all this with this health without her! I hope to feel betetr by the time she leaves, otherwise I know that she will suffer more than me!!!!

So since am back to having good thoughts, let me leave you with Avy’s version of Row, Row, Row your boat….

Amma sings “Row Row Row your boat gently down the ..” Avy starts “Steeeeeeem, Meow Meow Meow Meow life’sa dweeeeeeeeeeeeem”

LOL, Enjoy….See you soon, please come back 🙂



  1. Remya said,

    August 18, 2010 at 10:42 am

    Hey dear, Hang in there…. I really hope Avyu grows out of his allergies soon…. It must be a great relief that you have your mother with you

  2. avymom said,

    August 18, 2010 at 11:58 am

    Thanks! Amma is the best thing, I tell you.

  3. Aarthi said,

    August 18, 2010 at 1:12 pm

    Great to know about Avy’s learning curve 🙂 I am sure with time, the allergies will go away. My prayers are with you guys. I hope you feel your cheerful original self soon with the medications. Wish you a good week 🙂

  4. telugumom said,

    August 21, 2010 at 4:01 pm

    Hope you feel better soon. and really hope that Avy will grow out of his allergies with time.

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