Getting back on the high horse

After that rather depressing rant last week- happy to say am back feeling better. Not my whole 100% self, but the road is getting better.

My updates-

 So, I have started to drink milk and slowly introduce to my body all that I had avoided. It was just not what i expected. I used to LOVE milk, just plain milk too. I could drink milk 3-4 times a day. But guess what?? Milk makes me nauseous now. After complaining about it for couple of days, Ajit offered to make me tea (the main reason why we got together in the very first place!! a story on its own for another day!)- he makes good tea! So I was very hopeful, but no.,after couple of sips, had to return it back. Could not sip more. Guess that is NOT one of the things I can do for love!!

We under-estimate our bodies so much! I mean I have been drinking milk for 28 years, and been off it for 1.5 (so now does everyone know my age?), you would think I could jump right back on??? But I seem to do better with processed milk products. So yeah, in a twisted way, it made me feel better that I am not ‘enjoying’ these things too soon.

So when Ajit and I would talk about the day- the day when Avy will be fully weaned, I would say that I was going to order a full cheese pizza and finish it up all on my own. Well, it was not the same day, but we did have pizza over the weekend, the experience was okay not quite as fulfilling as I had hoped. Guess the mommy card trumps taste buds!

On health front – doctor has adjusted med dosage, hopefully will lead to better times!

Now onto Avy:

He is finding it hard to get back to the day care routine. 2 weeks in India, then labor day weekend, plus being home with patti, have all made going to daycare unbearable for him. But I feel sad, as Patti is leaving this Sunday and he has to get back to his 5 day routine after nearly 6 months of just 2 or 3 days a week.

But there is a shimmer of hope, as he did better yesterday than what he did the last week. He is learning more, guess his class is now geared towards pre-school learning. From doing really cute hand gestures on how a lobster swims to singing his rhymes fully and clearly, he seems to having fun when he is there.

Also, with his turning two, I am seeing some attitude. Not a whole lot, but some. Endearing to watch him knot his eyebrows and stand next to his patti and correct her saying “Nooo Paati noooo”. This bring to yesterday evening. A friend of ours have given Avy a car, that can be taken out – one in which he can sit and push himself around with his feet. So, Ajit takes him outside to play.

I had to take care of something and then when I headed out, I walked into the scene, where Avy was shuffling his feet and yelling “Noo, Appppaaaa”.

Upon further investigation it was revealed that we were not allowed to help him, any, not even a single touch. Anything of that sort prompted him to yell, “Noo, Avy’s turn”. Guess, who was taught about taking turns in class today!!! It was tooo funny to see the little one, all hyped about not getting his turn. Guess he has a LOTT of learning left because every single time it was ONLY Avy’s turn.

“Avy’s turn”, was followed by mutterings of which the only thing I could decipher “noo boys” (with severe head shaking)!! Someone has been upto some ganging up  in daycare!!

It made more sense to me as I had seen his classmate at the store, who was also equally, giggly, silly and hyped up. I really want to know what the fun was all about!! Don’t you?



  1. meena said,

    September 16, 2010 at 9:48 am

    Yes,this is the beginning and a long way ahead.Enjoy this as we enjoyed what you and Arjun used to do. Love-meena.

  2. telugumom said,

    September 19, 2010 at 2:16 pm

    Good that you are starting to feel better.

    I lost my taste for ice cream during pregnancy and have never gained it back till now 🙂 Lets hope you will gain your taste for milk products in due course.

    This is just the beginning and you definitely have a long way ahead. Good Luck and have fun 🙂

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