Dear Paatii (Grandma)

Dear Rajee Paati,

How are you? Since it has been three days since you left I thought I will write on how much fun it has been with you. I know you told me, you will come back in ‘”10 days”, but I somehow think it is going to be longer. I miss you already. First of all I thought ’10 days’ was a place until, Amma corrected me, and said that you were in Chicago with Arjun mama, Peeya mami and Tejas. Tell Tejas I want you back soon :). So when will you come back?

Next, you have gotten me sooo used to that heavenly paruppu sadam of yours that I really miss it. Please teach this Amma, how to do it EXACTLY the way you did. She has been doing okay the last 3 days, but I must say she is not able to tell the “kaka kadhai” like you do. She really mixes her stories up, so while you are teaching her how to do paruppu sadam teach her this too.

Two months have been so much fun staying home with you, doing puzzles all day long, rolling on the floor playing, sleeping on your chest while you told me such wonderful stories, having my afternoon quota of yummy hashbrowns. But know what I miss the most? Someone for me to say “No Paatti don’t know” too. You really did not know the puzzles that well paati :):). I can teach you well when you come back soon.

Amma and Appa have been missing you too. Amma especially. She is not that well,  but don’t you worry, I turn on my super duper charm and she is smiling in seconds. I will be a good boy and keep them happy.

I also miss all our drawing sessions- cow, poochi, mountain, kaka kadhai in pictures etc. You can draw pretty good paati, but I am getting there the next time you see me, I will be able to draw you :):)

Also, I cried the first two days to go back to daycare but this morning, Appa reminded me of my friends and actually how much fun I have, so I went without crying, thought you would be happy to know. They teach me so much, I sing, I dance, I exercise, I play outside and have all the fun. By the time you come back in four months (I know 10 days is not 10 days), I will be talking a lot more, Be prepared!!

Paati, so much memories these last two months- stories, games, songs, food (esp avy yellow mamum) everything is so special to me and so are you. Come soon, I really miss you,now I have to go.  Tell amma that even I can write 🙂


Avy (Mottai)

Here is a pic of you and me, see how cute I am!!


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  1. Rajee Rangarajan said,

    September 23, 2010 at 8:54 am

    Thank you Anu..tears are blocking my vision while reading this..but getting comforted by small but strong hands of Teju pushing exactly like Avy asking me to play “Eioeioooo”..This one is for Avy:
    “Dear Avy (yaaru thangam?..paatti thangam!!!.) I miss you a lot..yeah definitely our times together.. very special one. but thanks for training me for the past two months to take care of Teju because he is doing exactly what you were doing then.. I know you will be a very good boy because you promised me. When I asked you “Will you be good? You replied with your smashing grin and wide big eyes opened wider a big “YES”.. As for paruppu sadam, don’t worry Amma will improve in due course but ofcourse it will be less with one ingredient – “paatti’s love”. But she can’t come anywhere near story forgive her and be contended with the mixture of stories she comes up with. She will master the art when she becomes a grandma. So take care my love and keep learning to teach me all you know because I have to teach Teju. I miss you and “vove” you.. Love Rajee Paatti”

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