Delightful Daycare

You know this week I wanted to do an update post about Avy’s allergy situation and another one about all the cool new things he is saying. However what happened this morning and earlier in the week has spurred this post!

I posted a while ago about the dilemma (Daycare Dilemma) and issues about sending your kid to daycare. Well this post is about the exact opposite feelings, feeling of happiness, love and delight that I witnessed this morning.

First let me post about what happened earlier in the week. We had to take Avy for an appointment to get some kind of shoe inserts done to help with the arch formation on his feet. The appointment was at 2.30pm which meant Avy had to go back to daycare as neither of us could just take half a day off.

Both of us had figured that Avy may cry when my husband drops him back off, as Avy may just want to go home, but boy o boy did he surprise us.

So Daddy goes to pick him up from the daycare at about 2.20 pm and apparently,  Avy did not want to leave. He was watching his favorite teacher make flowers out of play dough. So after a battle of crying my husband succeeded in taking him to the appointment.

So after the appointment, all Avy wanted to do was just go back his class. I mean I really thought the kid would want to come home!!!!

Daddy drops him back at the daycare, little Charley comes running and hugs little Avy. You would think these kids only see each other once a year!!!

That evening when daddy was narrating this to me, Avy goes,

 “Charley is soooo nice. Charley hugged me”  :):)

Happy  face, happy thoughts!!!

So that brings us to this morning.

First thing this morning we has a physical therapy session for Avy, since he has minor issues with the way he bears weight on his leg. The session was a success, Avy was happy, eager to do all the new stuff they suggested and for the first time ever, he actually jumped, holding my hand. He has been trying for months, but his little feet would never take off, but today it did and was a wonderful moment. Little did I know that the best was yet to come…

After the session, we packed to go to daycare. I took him; his dad takes him every day, but  today I did , as I stayed home for his appointment. We go to the daycare, climb down the stairs to his class, and Avy’s excitement was brimming. I open the door and all the tiny tots come running to Avy, and start chanting, “Avy, Avy, Avy…” and my boy is all red and smiling. Then of course to add to the mix, his favorite favorite teacher comes by and asks him “How are you sweety?. He just ran into her arms…

Then she tells me that sweet little Benji has been asking for Avy all morning, and she said like every five minutes he would go,

“Where is Avy?  Why is Avy not here?”….

And while she was talking, Benji runs over to my little boy who was trying to get his jacket off and hugs him tight!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best scene ever!!!!

Then Benji tells promptly to Avy ,”Tell mommy bye”!!

Maybe Benji was worried that if I lingered around I might take his best friend away :):)

I walked out smiling, not able to contain my happiness and thinking, we did good!!!! He is happy!!


p.s Charley and Avy have been together since they were 4 months old

Benji and Avy has been greatest of friends since they were a year old.


The Shy little Giraffe!

Hey shy little Giraffe,

I wanted to write this letter to let you know on what a wonderful time you had on October 31st – Halloween. Technically your third one, but the first one where you knew what was happening. For the first one you were all but 1.5 months and we dressed you up as a puppy dog. The second one, you were sick with ear infection, but still we dressed you up as a monkey and drove you bike all around the house. This year, your third, you were a Giraffe. Do you notice a theme here? Well animals are what lights you up the most, followed by Elmo!!!

You had two parties at your daycare, the Thursday and Friday before, you guys baked cookies, made milkshakes, picked pumpkins and got CANDY!!! So the candy talk was prevalent in the house. Your dad when to the store and searched for candies that you could have, even though we weren’t sure about some of the food coloring we were willing to take the chance.

A little flashback, the first time I showed you your costume, a month ago maybe, you got so excited. But when I said we need to go to other people’s house for trick or treating you started crying and said “No, Avy go”. So, when Oct 31 came, I was not sure how you would be. Yet, you practised all day saying ” Trick or treat, Happy Halloween”.

So we got you dressed about 5.15 pm, and you were so enthusiastic about getting dressed, trying to put on the things yourself. You had a blue basket, and we ventured out. I took you first. On the way you stopped to pluck a flower for mommy, so that made my day!

We went to the first house and you held my hands tight, and there was this sweet little old lady who came up to you and offered the bowl of candy. I asked you to tell trick or treat, and you whispered “trick or treat” in the lowest decibel possible. She laughed and handed the bowl, and you took one piece of candy, just one!!!!! She went all aww and asked you to take some more, you waited for my approval, and then you picked just one more. Where did you learn such manners? Or are you just too small to grab more 🙂

Then we proceeded on, with you barely whispering in every house, trick or treat and happy Halloween, till we reached this one house where there was an older couple. You did your part, said the things, and yet that old man was talking to me without handing you candy, and you were getting impatient. In your loudest voice so far you asked him “Avy wants candy”!

That is the loudest I heard your voice that day 🙂 We went down two streets then your dad took over for the last one. You trick or treated for about 2 hours, and came home with a bowl full of candies. Yet, you waited patiently for all the 2 hours not even having a single piece of candy, for the single reason, I asked you to. I told you , you can have all the candy once we are done. I love you for that. You trust us. We picked out the ones you can have, and you had a blast.

After you reached home, and changed, you were still eager to hand out candies to the other kids who came. Once it was all done, you, your dad and me sat on our favorite couch and ate candy after candy!! My best memory from that day!

I was scared, I was not sure if you would react, I had Benadryl handy, in case it would cause stomach ache or a rash, but those moments of pure joy you had eating those candies was worth everything!

You are starting to understand now that you have allergies, you understood why you could not have certain kind of candy, as you were allergic. You ran about the house screaming, allergies, allergies, made me a little sad! Oh baby!

You were the shyest little giraffe ever, but you still did your part, you mustered all the courage in your little soul to talk to strangers, which is your biggest fear, and I love you for that baby.

My soul, my love, my everything!


In order, his three Haloween appearances so far.