Wish you all a very happy and healthy 2011!

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Tug of Hearts!

From this post we (Mom and Dad) have new nicknames, christened by none other than Yuvi (Avy). He now calls his dad Yupa (Modification on Appa), me Yuma (on Amma) and himself Yuvi. Silly boy came up with silly names!!!

This morning I dropped off my cutey, with a bag full of goodies. It was a happy moment to see all kids shout his name and him running to them, but also a reminder of some hurtful moments these past few weeks. Nothing major, small incidents that just add up and snowballs (yeah, seasonal reference!).

A couple of weeks ago I had a missed a call from Avy’s daycare when I was in a meeting. So I called them back, about an hour after the call. Apparently, the teacher had gotten some fruit gummies for the kids and she was calling me to find out if Avy can have some. I keep my phone with me ALL the time, even when I go to the bathroom, but this day I was destined to miss it.

So when I did return the call it was too late, and Avy had not gotten any. The teacher said he was very upset, but when she offered extra 2 stickers, and his Oreo cookie he became better, I believe. That tore my heart apart.  If alone I would have attended that call, maybe Avy could have had it. I was making it hard on myself by thinking of the sweet little kid standing there wondering why he could not have any, when all of his friends can.

I knew this day was not far away, I knew that as he was growing up the battles will be harder, more hurtful but I was not prepared at all, made me feel worthless as a mom at that moment. I somehow managed to spend the rest of the day at work and rushed home to see the little one. He had forgotten all about it and was happy to show me his stickers. But my heart kept tearing up and I just could not shake it off.

When you become a mom somehow this fierce protectiveness develops in you and sometimes it is good sometimes it is bad. Dads have it too, but not as quite as what the mother’s exhibit.  Ever since this incident mine has been in super hyper mode.

So the next time we went shopping we found gummies he can have, I fed all the gummies he wanted that day. Maybe I was over compensating, but what the hell, I had to do something. Did it make me feel better about the whole thing? Not really. I still ache. I still ache that I cannot do anything about this. I can make and bake everything Avy style but then I cannot erase the thoughts that run through the little one’s mind when he feels left out.

A few weeks before this incident, we had decided that the best way to bring him up is by teaching him about his allergies. So slowly I started to pointing things he cannot have and told him it is because he is allergic, he will get “oova” (hurt) if does have them. One of the items was curd (yogurt).  He seemed to understand.

A few days later, he saw his dad have some curd on his plate and he with his big eyes says “Avy allergy”.

It opened up a tap in me, everything is hurting. Teaching him hurts, not teaching him hurts, seeing him understand the whole thing and be a big man about it hurts, the thought of the battles we have ahead of ourselves, and more importantly he has ahead of himself hurts.

And, we as adults sometimes fail to see the beauty and happiness in small things. When Yupa dropped him off the other day he felt a pang because all other kids got colorful cereals and muffins while Avy was getting the same old cereal every day. Now when he told me this, I was sad sad sad. But then he mentions, Avy was happy and proud eating it. It made me realize, Avy is learning to be happy with what he has got, what right do we as parents have to put our burdens, thoughts and worries on the little one trying to be happy.

That thought helped me a little and I am back to what I believe in; make the best use of what you have been served. Find out ways to make sure you can minimize the instances of hurt, instances of exclusion and when such things occur buck up and move on. So all these thoughts sent me into a baking frenzy this week and we made some changes to help up cope.

I baked banana and blueberry muffins, which shall be sent to his daycare to be part of his breakfast, and also purchased two other cereal types which he can have and hence ensuring variety. A bag of gummy worms were purchased and handed over, in my own way to make up for that day.

More baking ensued, as he has his Christmas party today, and his teacher was nice enough to read out the entire list of what they are having so that I can make substitutes for as much as possible.

So sugar cookies were baked (a separate post coming on this episode with pictures soon), cupcakes were baked, gummy worms, crackers, cookies were bought and that brings us to the beginning of the post, I dropped him off with his own goody bag full of whatever he would possibly need.

As I sit here now thinking, I can manage and make up for anything we know is coming, but in the next few years so many instances are going to crop up where I am taken by surprise, where I cannot be there all the time to prevent things, but what I can do and will always be around to do, is swoop him in my arms when he is hurt, hug him tight and say,

“It is all going to be okay”!!

Ps. I really need to hear that for me today!

Am back, am back, am back

Hello everyone!! Been so long, I guess the longest I have been away, the reasons are multifold some good, some bad, mostly good! Weekends have been crazy busy, starting with a lot of family and friends visiting over the thanksgiving break, followed by another close friend’s visit the following weekend, and so on…and not much free time at work either, actually close to no free time at all, to catch up on the blogging, so anyways here I am, back and this post is all about the big mouth on the little one.

So, about 3 weeks ago we had my brother’s family (including their little boy, T, 6 months younger to Avy) and my mom, other friends from Chicago with their kids visit us. We also had another family join us 2 days later, anyway in short it was houseful. I was just so curious to see how Little Avy would handle it, as he is pretty possessive of his things.

So little T enters, and pushes all of Avy’s alphabet magnets from the fridge onto the floor:shocking Avy, who loves loves the alphabet and can recite it since he was 20 months old. So he kept his cool and picked up every one of them and put it back on the fridge. I was proud of him,as he  did not throw a fit, just fixed the situation. So Avy leaves to play in the living room and little T walks by the fridge and pushes it all AGAIN!! Avy exactly at that moment enters the kitchen and is just utterly SHOCKED, and with a trembling voice yells:

“T go sit in timeout” (with tears flowing by now)

I had to pacify him and help him put it all back again, only to be pushed away multiple times by little T. But after the first two times, Avy just gave up. Then after they all left, he finally put it all back, and then a day later found the one he had missed and with his trademark smile tells me “T did it”:)

Family I tell you is the best!

The following weekend,  one of my close friend from college visited us and it turned out to be one of the most eventful weekends for Avy so far. We found that the Sesame Street  (Here ) musicalwas playing in  a nearby city and we wanted to take him, after all it is his favorite show ever. He knows all the monsters’ names and is just obsessed. It was supposed to be on Saturday evening, but there was some huge snow in the forecast and it almost did not happen. Somehow my husband got the tickets moved to the 2pm show and am so glad we went. Luckily we got back home before the snow got worse.

From the moment he lay eyes on Big Bird (character) he could not close his mouth or eyes and it was just glee. We though that was the best part, but the best part was yet to come. He squealed, giggled, laughed and enjoyed himself so much, and to add to the mix, he got blue cotton candy!! So blue tongue was all the rage!

Anyways, we got back and spent the rest of the weekend just lazing around, and a couple of days later my husband decided to narrate our whole going to see “Sesame street” incident in story form and that unleashed a cute little story monster in the house. It has been 2 weeks and till now, we have to “talk sesafe street” with him ALL the time. When he wakes up, when he eats, when he goes in the car, when he sleeps. This was the boy who had to read five books before he slept, but now, all he wants is 30 minutes of Sesafe (Sesame) Street story.

It has unleashed such creativity in him, and he makes up his own stories, on how he flies with Grover, how big bird gives him juice, how Bert and Ernie give him cereal, I mean he talks non stop.

He also says that one of his daycare buddies, the one he refers to as his “chellam” (pet), is supposedly Bert and Avy is Ernie, I beleive.

So happy we could take him to see what is the biggest thing in that little mind. At the show, Grover came to the audience and came near Avy and gave him a hi fi. Avy’s reaction to that was “Groverv came to see Avy, Grover likes Avy, Grover gives hifi” 🙂

Sweet words!

All is sweet with his vocabulary and I have to leave you with what I think is the best response I have gotten out of him, this is how our conversation went;

Me; ‘Avy have you gone poo-poop?” (I did get a strong smell)

Avy: (Shaking head profusely) “No No No No”

I peek in his diaper and did not find anything at the first try, but eventually did and he had gone poo-poop.

Me” “Avy you have gone poo-poop”

Avy: ‘No No No No”

Me: ” You are diaper full of poo-poop”

Avy (after thinking for 2 seconds) :”Avy diaper full of clean”!


Giggles away!!!!

With that picture in all your mind, see you again soon!