“I would have loved you longer”

Dear Avy,

My love, my peace keeper , I just love you so much. I want to re -start your blog this year and hopefully keep it up.

You have come so far since my last post. Let us just do a quick update.  The baked milk challenge was a success. In September 2012 we did a regular milk challenge for you with ice cream and you did really well. So now you  can have any milk products which is heated, in baked goods, cheese etc without any issues. You do not like regular milk and it gives you tummy aches. We also welcomed our second baby, your baby  (Amik is the name you gave him) baby boy Atiksh, in August 2012. He has his own blog here http://ourcdhherolittlea.wordpress.com/. So his birth has kept us busy for so long. Then we moved on to baked egg trial for you and now you is able to tolerate well heated eggs, like in pancakes and cakes.

We also started a weekly allergy shot regimen for his season allergies. They were getting so bad that this was the best decision for you. We were told that doing it between the ages of 5 and 6 might mitigate your risk for developing asthma. It was a very tough decision, but to see you cough and suffer after running outside for 30 minutes, we felt this was the right way. Best decisions are never the easiest ones.

So you get two shots, one in each arm, every week for about 6-8 months. Then it becomes every 2 weeks etc. We started in September of 2013. You cried the first 2-3 weeks, but then it does not seem to faze you ever. You walk in there all cheerful, my heart breaks to see them poking you, you don’t even shed a tear and you walk out as though nothing happened. So much poise for a 5 year old and so much strength and bravery for such a little man. I hope it helps you.

You also had a major milestone in 2013- you started kindergarten. Yayyy. You seems to be loving your school , your new teacher and your new friends. You do miss your best friend B, but you get to see him every day, as B’s mom is picking you up from school every day.  You have bloomed so much and become more confident since school started. You used to be so shy of your accomplishments, but now I see a glimmer of pride in there. You were the only kid to be able to read in your class and I will never forget the proud look on your face when you told me that. Keep shining my little star.

You also have a companion now. Your little brother. You adore him so much. You are so nice to him. You call him your baby. Both of your laughter fills the house with joy, and Atiksh’s new trick is to push you around the house, saying “dho, dho” , like you are a push toy. You get very upset if I correct him, and you want me to watch in silence as he bites you L. Please let me correct him.

You are also his teacher, I see you reading books to him, showing him the colors, shapes and letters and he follows you around the house, wanting more. I wish both of you stay the same way forever.

You do have your moments of whininess, tantrums and sadness. You have moments when you are unable to share me and Appa, and you just fall apart when Atiksh needs the attention and I hope that it gets better. I hate to see you upset and sad. Please remember like I always tell you, “I love you and Atiksh the same amount, but I have loved you longer, will have always loved you longer”. Hugs.

You also are a little philosopher. This year we have had so many conversations about life and everything else and it is an absolute joy, though at times I would like 5 minutes without any questions. I can see your head is filled with so many of them.

You also have a love for Math. I guess it was programmed into you. It is amazing to see you learn and do something which both Appa and I love. I am so glad that you want me to teach you and you listen. Stay that way.

Having two kids is tough, but you have made it so much easier for us. Your words, laughs, hugs, fights, judgments, kisses, games and patience have made us better people. Thank you so much for that. Shine on my love. Hope 2014 will be a much happier year for you, my brave knight.



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