Soy good!

Major Major good news alert!!!!! Avy can now have Soy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are beyond thrilled about it. All of a sudden it has opened up a whole new world for us. Being a Vegan is so much easier than being a person who cannot have both soy and milk.

We tried a little bit last Friday, similar to a food challenge. We had the Benadryl, Epi-pen all ready in case. Over the period of 2 hours he drank a quarter cup milk. We watched with bated breath, no early onset of rashes, which was a great news by itself, and then nothing more also. He slept well, he ate well, he pooped well. So all was good.

Everyday he had a little form of soy, soy milk muffins, soy milks and best of all SOY NUGGETS!!!! I am happy to report as parents we were so happy to see him down the fried soy nuggest!! Tears filled my eye and I could barely see. A big moment.

So tomorrow we are going out for Vegan Pancakes!!! Pancakes are something Avy’s always wants to eat when we go out, but we were never able to get him. Tomorrow we can….

This is Avy at 9 months when we first got him diagnosed, the remnant of a tiny red patch on his left cheek is visible..hmmm….we have come a long way!!!!!


Milestones- Part 1

After all the not so happy posts, I am happy to do two happy posts!

Milestones, slowly but steadily, one after another have been crossed. In order of increasing importance here I present…

We are Potty trained completely… Yaayy!!!!!!Actually this milestone was achieved end of June and has been going good. No accident at home or daycare and dry diapers at nap and nighttime. So we are thinking of removing the diaper safety net and ending all sort of Potty related issues.

We are writing!! As you all can tell by my previous post! He writes ALL the time. He has issues with C, G & S. He does them the opposite way. He knows it is wrong and is working hard on correcting them. We barely interfere as we want him to learn it. Paati did notice him brining the letter G from our fridge magnets and trying to re-create it!!!!

This is him writing Amma, Appa and Lemon Grasss on bottle (thanks to his daddy)
















We are drawing!! His drawing has improved so much. Thanks to Patti, now he writes a letter of the alphabet and draws a word from it. Like A for apple, B for Ball, so on….he can do them all. It is so enchanting to watch. Look below for R for rabbit, and apparently the rabbit is lying down!!

The R and the Rabbit from the R..















The biggest one of them all in the following post…COMEBACK!

Allergen Free Sugar Cookies!

 Hope all of you had a good Valentine’s Day or just a good day if you do not fall for the hype surrounding this day. I personally like it. I don’t expect much but I like the thought of it. This year was special- Yupa donated a dozen blankets, just because I love blankets to Operation smile. I thought that was just so thoughtful and probably one of the best gifts ever!!!

As usual Avy’s daycare had a party yesterday, so weekend was mainly spent on getting things ready for the party; Handmade cards for all his classmates and teachers, cookies and cupcakes. As I was going through the list and writing the names on the cards , Avy wanted to make one for two of his classmates, who have moved up to another class. He remembers!!!! So had to make more than planned. He was also partial towards his ‘best’ friend, filling his card with extra stickers than the rest…Oh how soon they start!!!

Then my favorite part- COOKIES. I had signed up to bring cookies, though I had plans to make them, a sudden unscheduled root canal almost made me pick up a box from Kroger. But I survived pain or not, I wanted to make them from scratch. So with the help of my little helper, I present Milk-Egg-Soy Free absolutely delicious cookies. Enjoy!!

Spread the Love!!

For the cookie dough:

All purpose Flour (I use the organic one): 1.5 cups

Applesauce :  4 ounce pack

Oil (Canola): ¼ cup

Coconut oil: ¼ cup

Sugar: 1.5 cups

Salt: ½ tsp

Baking powder: 1 tsp

Vanilla extract: 1 tsp

Nutmeg, Cinnamon (I skipped this as Avy is allergic) and Cardamom: A pinch of each

For the icing:

Confectioner’s sugar: 2 cups

Rice Milk: 4 teaspoons

Agave Nectar: 5 teaspoons

Vanilla extract: ½ tsp

Food coloring-optional

Preparation method:

1)      Mix the sugar, canola oil and coconut oil in a separate bowl. Beat until very smooth, about 6 to 7 minutes. Then add the applesauce and beat for another 2 or 3 minutes.

2)      In a separate bowl mix the rest of the dry ingredients.

3)      Combine the wet and dry and form a smooth dough

4)      Refrigerate for about 2 hours.

5)      After 2 hours take the dough out and knead it well and roll it out on a cookie sheet or piece of foil.  I did this in parts, small balls two or three times, made it easier to roll it out.  Also, I used a chapatti roller (tortilla roller) covered with a plastic wrap, helped it to be non sticky.

6)      Use the desired cookie cutter for the shapes.

7)      Preheat oven to 350 and bake for about 15 minutes. Keep checking often; to make sure it does not char.

Preparation of the icing:

1)      Mix all of the ingredients listed and beat till smooth. If it is too runny, as was my problem, add some flour.

2)      I used a spoon (Avy’s little spoon) to spread the icing, a brush will work too.

3)      Once all are iced, it has to be left overnight or 6-7 hours for icing to harden.

The recipe is sweet enough for adults to enjoy without the icing, for kids they would love the icing. Enjoy!!


I really hope you are the one where I get back to being how I was. Always smiling, always happy, a pessimist by nature, yet happy and smiling all the time. Give me my health back!!!!

Wishing all the readers a very happy and HEALTHY(stressing on the healthy part) New Year!


Am back, am back, am back

Hello everyone!! Been so long, I guess the longest I have been away, the reasons are multifold some good, some bad, mostly good! Weekends have been crazy busy, starting with a lot of family and friends visiting over the thanksgiving break, followed by another close friend’s visit the following weekend, and so on…and not much free time at work either, actually close to no free time at all, to catch up on the blogging, so anyways here I am, back and this post is all about the big mouth on the little one.

So, about 3 weeks ago we had my brother’s family (including their little boy, T, 6 months younger to Avy) and my mom, other friends from Chicago with their kids visit us. We also had another family join us 2 days later, anyway in short it was houseful. I was just so curious to see how Little Avy would handle it, as he is pretty possessive of his things.

So little T enters, and pushes all of Avy’s alphabet magnets from the fridge onto the floor:shocking Avy, who loves loves the alphabet and can recite it since he was 20 months old. So he kept his cool and picked up every one of them and put it back on the fridge. I was proud of him,as he  did not throw a fit, just fixed the situation. So Avy leaves to play in the living room and little T walks by the fridge and pushes it all AGAIN!! Avy exactly at that moment enters the kitchen and is just utterly SHOCKED, and with a trembling voice yells:

“T go sit in timeout” (with tears flowing by now)

I had to pacify him and help him put it all back again, only to be pushed away multiple times by little T. But after the first two times, Avy just gave up. Then after they all left, he finally put it all back, and then a day later found the one he had missed and with his trademark smile tells me “T did it”:)

Family I tell you is the best!

The following weekend,  one of my close friend from college visited us and it turned out to be one of the most eventful weekends for Avy so far. We found that the Sesame Street  (Here ) musicalwas playing in  a nearby city and we wanted to take him, after all it is his favorite show ever. He knows all the monsters’ names and is just obsessed. It was supposed to be on Saturday evening, but there was some huge snow in the forecast and it almost did not happen. Somehow my husband got the tickets moved to the 2pm show and am so glad we went. Luckily we got back home before the snow got worse.

From the moment he lay eyes on Big Bird (character) he could not close his mouth or eyes and it was just glee. We though that was the best part, but the best part was yet to come. He squealed, giggled, laughed and enjoyed himself so much, and to add to the mix, he got blue cotton candy!! So blue tongue was all the rage!

Anyways, we got back and spent the rest of the weekend just lazing around, and a couple of days later my husband decided to narrate our whole going to see “Sesame street” incident in story form and that unleashed a cute little story monster in the house. It has been 2 weeks and till now, we have to “talk sesafe street” with him ALL the time. When he wakes up, when he eats, when he goes in the car, when he sleeps. This was the boy who had to read five books before he slept, but now, all he wants is 30 minutes of Sesafe (Sesame) Street story.

It has unleashed such creativity in him, and he makes up his own stories, on how he flies with Grover, how big bird gives him juice, how Bert and Ernie give him cereal, I mean he talks non stop.

He also says that one of his daycare buddies, the one he refers to as his “chellam” (pet), is supposedly Bert and Avy is Ernie, I beleive.

So happy we could take him to see what is the biggest thing in that little mind. At the show, Grover came to the audience and came near Avy and gave him a hi fi. Avy’s reaction to that was “Groverv came to see Avy, Grover likes Avy, Grover gives hifi” 🙂

Sweet words!

All is sweet with his vocabulary and I have to leave you with what I think is the best response I have gotten out of him, this is how our conversation went;

Me; ‘Avy have you gone poo-poop?” (I did get a strong smell)

Avy: (Shaking head profusely) “No No No No”

I peek in his diaper and did not find anything at the first try, but eventually did and he had gone poo-poop.

Me” “Avy you have gone poo-poop”

Avy: ‘No No No No”

Me: ” You are diaper full of poo-poop”

Avy (after thinking for 2 seconds) :”Avy diaper full of clean”!


Giggles away!!!!

With that picture in all your mind, see you again soon!

The things they say!

You know what kind of house you keep when you hear the following words from your just-turned-two year old’s mouth!

Enter Avy home from daycare.

One look at the living room, throws his hands up in the air and says,

“What happened here?”

Thought to self- “Cleaning lady came, the house is CLEAN, toys put back, area vacuumed, that’s what happened here”


You know what kind of mom you are when the following happens.

You are all dressed trying to rush out, and your two year old is just waking up and he calls you and says,

Amma thaaachi (mom lie down)”  Patting the bed…

You give in, because you cannot resist cuteness at 7am..

He puts his arms around your neck and says,

“Avy missssssheedd you”


You know what kind of family you have when we all just talk to each other in nursery rhymes!!!! A pretty special one!

Love you both!


Dear Paatii (Grandma)

Dear Rajee Paati,

How are you? Since it has been three days since you left I thought I will write on how much fun it has been with you. I know you told me, you will come back in ‘”10 days”, but I somehow think it is going to be longer. I miss you already. First of all I thought ’10 days’ was a place until, Amma corrected me, and said that you were in Chicago with Arjun mama, Peeya mami and Tejas. Tell Tejas I want you back soon :). So when will you come back?

Next, you have gotten me sooo used to that heavenly paruppu sadam of yours that I really miss it. Please teach this Amma, how to do it EXACTLY the way you did. She has been doing okay the last 3 days, but I must say she is not able to tell the “kaka kadhai” like you do. She really mixes her stories up, so while you are teaching her how to do paruppu sadam teach her this too.

Two months have been so much fun staying home with you, doing puzzles all day long, rolling on the floor playing, sleeping on your chest while you told me such wonderful stories, having my afternoon quota of yummy hashbrowns. But know what I miss the most? Someone for me to say “No Paatti don’t know” too. You really did not know the puzzles that well paati :):). I can teach you well when you come back soon.

Amma and Appa have been missing you too. Amma especially. She is not that well,  but don’t you worry, I turn on my super duper charm and she is smiling in seconds. I will be a good boy and keep them happy.

I also miss all our drawing sessions- cow, poochi, mountain, kaka kadhai in pictures etc. You can draw pretty good paati, but I am getting there the next time you see me, I will be able to draw you :):)

Also, I cried the first two days to go back to daycare but this morning, Appa reminded me of my friends and actually how much fun I have, so I went without crying, thought you would be happy to know. They teach me so much, I sing, I dance, I exercise, I play outside and have all the fun. By the time you come back in four months (I know 10 days is not 10 days), I will be talking a lot more, Be prepared!!

Paati, so much memories these last two months- stories, games, songs, food (esp avy yellow mamum) everything is so special to me and so are you. Come soon, I really miss you,now I have to go.  Tell amma that even I can write 🙂


Avy (Mottai)

Here is a pic of you and me, see how cute I am!!

Freedom- bittersweet, nevertheless!

Freedom- YES, but so bittersweet it is! Well, when I least expected it, the day arrived- Avy is fully weaned! It is DONE! Been 5 days today, with no tears and all the happiness in the world, he has weaned himself. The following article is the one that kept me going for the last two years and now I am happy to add that it happened the same way with me as talked about here

“I see how it has made me more patient, more centered, able to calm myself. I see the look of deep knowingness in his eye, as if we’ve been walking the planet together for a couple of hundred years. I see how breastfeeding has become part of our rhythm, our rhyme, our understanding of each other. How it has given our relationship a whole other layer of connectedness. And how that connectedness has influenced my parenting choices, how I perceive him, and how he responds to me.”


So it has taken me 3 whole months to push him in that direction and to do it with no tears at all. I am very satisfied and happy that I was able to provide him for the past 2 years. Funny thing is the last part was done all by him. He refused it one fine day and never asked again or talked about it. Guess he DID become a big boy when he turned 2, and the biggest chapter in my life has come to an end. He is sleeping longer and better.

I was very very happy the first day, I guess mainly because it was done with no tears, no fighting. Also because I was FREE!! For the first time I slept all night without being a feeding box :). But then, as the days are going by I am feeling sad. The BIGGEST chapter in my life is over. We have been attached for the past 2 years and 9 months (pregnancy included) and now it is over.

The dark thoughts are back- Will he need me anymore, Will we be close anymore, Will I be able to let go, Will I be able to pacify him, Will he have more meltdowns? I am working through them; one at a time, every time he needs me now, makes me feel special. These thought may appear silly to some, but then they are not in my shoes!

But to add to the mix, to use Ajit’s words, it has been a double whammy. This weaning means I could start having milk and all other foods I have been avoiding the past year and half. This thought racks me up with way more guilt.

I feel like I am leaving my baby behind and having nice things. I feel so guilty to pop anything in my mouth that he cannot have. Maybe I have to leave this feeling of being a martyr. With my health, I NEED to fix my diet. Who knows how much my calcium and other nutrients have depleted over the year. I saw to it that he took his supplements but kind of ignored me. It is high time I fix myself too; he needs his mommy happy and strong.

So with the depression of weaning him, my health related sadness, and this over-bearing feeling of guilt, I have been a mess the last 2 days. Finally a ray of light yesterday, when Ajit said, what I think so far, has been the most convincing argument on why I should not feel the way I do. I told Ajit yesterday, on our regular phone conversation that we have every day on my drive back from work, that I feel guilty eating the nice things without Avy. Ajit replied, “But Avy does not know it is nice, to him it is just something he cannot have, just like spicy food”.

See that struck a chord, I do NOT give him spicy food, and I love eating spicy food, I have been eating it all along. I guess milk, egg etc are just like that. Just something he cannot have, and Ajit gently reminded me that I try my best to replicate everything for him and that would not change. So thankful to have married the ‘logical’ guy, times like this, makes me thank my stars! I sometimes overthink, analyze and complicate things, sometimes it is easy taking the logical way out!

Since the weaning, Ajit has been giving Avy a bath and putting him to sleep, though yesterday, Avy screamed for me. For a minute I got worried that he would want to feed, but then, no, he wanted me for me. I told him stories and we fell asleep hugging, and all I know is we woke up again at 4am only, and fell back to sleep in 5 minutes. Am building a new bond, a new phase to my parenting and a new relationship with the little one.

So as I am writing this now, I am in the lowest of moods- the weaning, the guilt, the tiredness everything together is making for a sucky frame of mind and I am happy I can at least write. I have been trying everything in my power to make me feel better, walking during lunch, eating healthy, playing with Avy, but sometimes the body and mind just take over. So hoping to be in better spirits soon, hopefully a restful weekend, can give me that!

Letter to my son!

Dear Avyukt,

Wish you many many more happy returns of the day, my dear son! Son- what a Pandora of emotions that single word bring about in the mind, as I am writing this letter to you today, on your birthday. It has been the most wonderful, the most fulfilling, the hardest, the wackiest, the most joyful, the most painful, the most eye-opening, and the best two years of my life. In spite of sounding clichéd today is not only your second birthday about also two years since I have embarked on this life fulfilling journey.

A little flashback- See when I was pregnant I was convinced that I was carrying a girl. But in that ultra sound room when they told me that I had a tiny little man growing inside of me, it suddenly dawned upon me, the possibility of sharing one of the most precious bond in this world that of the mother and son, and that my son has been reinforced again and again each day in the last two years.

Deciding your name was such a pleasure. I made lists and lists and lists, and finally decided on this name only about 10 days before you were born, guess when I found the name I knew it was it. You are so much an Avyukt, an Avy. J. It helps now that it is the easiest name to roll on the tongues of all your little playmates, and when their mom’s tell me that their kids keeping calling your name at home, I have no idea why, but I do feel a little proud.

You when born were obviously attached to me for the best knows reasons- food and sleep.  But then the good part of the first 1.5 years of your life you were such a Daddy’s boy. You were the best source of inspiration, happiness, and light at the end of the tunnel in an otherwise hard situation in our lives. You can make that big man into a puddle with your slightest smile. You would always go to him first, you would want him to carry you around, and refuse to come to me also during that time. He made you laugh the most, capable of doing the silliest things, and it made you adore him more.  Your face would light up at the mention of his name, or appa. He taught you the letters of the alphabets, Tamil syllables, slokas, and rhymes- all on the car ride to and from your day care. You still wield an iron hand over him. That man, can never say no to you. A diaper change that takes 5 minutes with me would take 15 with him, a bath would take twice as much to0 (yesterday you were dabbing his hair with water as he was giving you a bath)- more fun!!!  You know how to smile, how to ask to get what you want. I come a very distant second to you, and it has never made me happier.

Before I tell you what you did to me and how we celebrated your second birthday, I want to tell you on what kind of kid you are. I would like to document forever on the joy that you are. You are such a sweet natured, happy and affectionate kid. Even when I was pregnant, every time doctor heard your sound they would say “Such a happy baby”. They probably said that to ALL pregnant moms, but in your case it is soo true. You are such a happy baby. When you were small and woke up in your crib, you would never cry, you would just whimper, and it made me wish on many days that you would cry loudly so that I can attend to you better.

You are a sucker for being clean and organized. You, even yesterday, told me to “wash the daep” (wash the grapes) before I gave it to you. You would take a wipe, and wipe everything in sight, including your tummy. You like putting your toys away, when asked. You keep your face, like the whole world just got away, if a single part of your alphabet puzzle is missing.

You love your routine, though you adjust pretty good with any changes, you are the happiest being at home with your routine intact, I think you have taken after me on this one. Even while I was pregnant, you would stop kicking by 10.00pm and would start up again 6.00am. You still kind of like that :). You go to bed on most days by 8.30 and wake up at 6.30. You like to eat, sleep at prescribed times, and that helps us a LOT!

Affectionate is the perfect term for you. You get upset at the slightest indication that anyone else is upset. You cannot see me have a sad face at all, it shatters your world. When a friend of ours, got a dump truck for you to play with, and it went and hit against your stuffed dog- Barclay- you got shocked. You went and hugged, and kissed Barclay’s boo boo away.  Even now when you fall, and we ask you to hit the floor in jest, you feel bad to do it and often times end up saying sorry to the floor.

You love cuddling, hugging. Now-a-days I see a little resistance creeping up, I wish you stay cuddly longer. What else is a mother to do?

You are such a shy person sweety. I think your stranger anxiety started really early. Initially, I really believed it to be a phase, but now I know it is your personality. You are exactly how your dad and I are.  Kind of reserved and shy with new people. But once you get to know them, you are so affectionate to them too. You always make it a point to share everything. Even if it is your favorite thing, you make it a point to give some to everyone in the house. I love this about you. But you just refuse to share your ball with next door kid Eddie, what is up with that????

I have been worried about you being this soft, shy person. I was worried about you being bullied as you grew up and worried if you would stand up for yourself, and in the last 3 weeks alone you have alleviated all my fears. The India trip has shown a different side of you. When kids bothered you time and time again, and coming to me and dad did not help, you stood up for yourself, held them by their shirts and took your toy back. Though I do no encourage fighting, was nice to see you stand up for yourself. But I would like to cut back on it and not take it out on poor innocent girls trying to hug you. DO NOT pull their hair out, like you did over the weekend with poor Tara.  I am happy that you did tell you’re sorry but I warn you, leave little girls alone!

Then, what else- yeah you are smart! You knew all your letters but the time you were 20 months, you can count till 20, know all your colors, know many many rhymes. Now you are becoming a puzzle monster and I love how to try and learn. Those kept you busy in the total 30 hour journey back from India.

Rhymes- OLD MACDONALD!! Your year two is not complete without writing about this song! This is the biggest influence in your life. You enjoying watching all different versions on youtube. It was restricted to the computer, but ever since your dad has shown it can be played on the TV, you coyly ask ‘Tv EIO?”. You LOVE animals, your face lights up the minute any animal or bird comes on the tv, or you see one in a book or magazine. I can keep you occupied for hours with books about animals and ever since your Venki Thatha got you those new books, you now know some exotic animals too.

I see your dad in you.  The inquisitive nature, the nature to find out what everything is. I am happy that your dad is there to take care of that, I am not sure I can keep up. I can hardly remember the stuff I have too.

In case you do not remember, you had a great party for your second birthday- Sesame Street themed, with the biggest Elmo. A Special thanks to Ram, Poornema, Tarun and Tara for making it so much more special. Our Daily Bread baked your delicious cake- Avy friendly version. It made me well up in tears that you could have this party, cut the same cake everyone could have. A year ago I thought it was not possible. You had fun, but more concerned about saving your Elmo from prying hands. Lovely friends visited up and got you special gifts. Thanks to everyone who came and made it such a special occasion.

Tara’s visit brings up yet another side of you. You spent all weekend pulling her hair when she was just trying to hug you, and yet yesterday evening before they left you were so sad. By the way, we were having fun kissing across the deck screen just for fun, and you kissed your Grandma first, then your dad, then me, and you called out for Tara and kissed her cheek, but then you wanted to get rid of the screen and kiss her, while she ran away, this made you very upset. Welcome to the real world, my son! You do not pull the hair of the girls you like!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So over the next year practice your skills to be a nicer boy :p 🙂

One other major thing this past year in your life the large presence of your grandparents. With someone or the other being here for the last six months have made you even more cheerful, healthy and happy.  In turn they adore you like you are the most intelligent kid on this earth. Now only, Rajee Patti is here and boy how much are you attached.  You LOVE her paruppu sadam, every time you see her, you ask “patti mamum”, no matter what time of the day it is. I am so scared to try and fill her shoes in two weeks.  You missed her so much after India trip that you went to her at 4am to sleep, when normally you would never leave my side. She has now opened up the world to story-telling for you, and it made me come up with random stories at 1am to get you to sleep (Did you all know that the crow also took part on the Hare and Tortoise race- that’s how groggy I was last night ). Thanks Patti!!!

Now to what you have done to me- You have made me whole. You made me realize my fullest potential. You motivate me, make me happy, and make to do unimaginable things. But for you, I do not think I would do as much as I do now, with my health being what it is. When people tell me, I cannot imagine how you do all this with your health, I just think of you. Yes, you have me wrapped around your little finger too, not just your dad. But I know your every cell, I know how you manipulate for anything. In spite of all that I cannot refuse your “Amma, Kokki” smile. A sucker for a cutey smile, is all I am.

 You are such a Mama’s boy now. You refuse to leave my side all the time. Though it is flattering it is hard sometimes. I do want you to feel safe with everyone. I love your face lighting up every time you see me, I love you waving good night to me, when I settle down for my afternoon nap, I love the care in your face when you tell your dad “Amma oova”, I love you supervising me when I go to take my medicine in the morning- like your checking on me and asking me “Amma, Mannu?”, I love how you take your medicines without troubling me a single bit, I love how you listen to me for anything- even while sitting on my lap to eat at the Indian functions and not touch anything, even though it was tempting, just because I said it was too hot, or it was only for older people, I love you smile, I love you bunny teeth laughter and everything about you sweety.

If there is one word anyone who sees you even for a little bit tells me is that you are chamathu (a good boy). But now I see the naughtiness creeping and I am gearing for what they call the terrible Twos. Are you ready for the ride my monster man?



P.S things for you to work on for next year: LOL

– do not pull kids hair when they try to hug you

– do not turn off the TV – please please

– do not take your dad’s side and tease me (actually do it is cute)

-do not refuse mommy kisses, I already miss them

-BE THE SAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where have I been?

Well, this has to be the longest I have not posted. Multiple reasons- very busy at work, too many doctor appoinments, medication side effects that left no writing skills 🙂 , an accidental milk incident for Avyu at his daycare (he is fine now, reaction was milder than expected and he has fully recovered now) and maybe a little bit laziness. And, this post is just a  filler in what is going to be another 2 week time gap in my blog. So till then, just some small snippets on the little monster and some updates:

– Thyroid medictaion working on and off for me, days when I feel okay, days when I just want to bury myself deep inside only to be dug out by a pair of tiny hands saying “Amma up, up, up”

– Little one is in major learning obsessions. He can now count to 20, finally mastered his colors, of course his first love, ABC’s are still in vogue. As I am debating whether or not to teach him the small alphabets, he picks up a cpaital P magnet he has, turns it over and says “d”.Hmm, maybe I don’t have to teach him… 

– Puzzles was the theme of last week. He is solving his own 12 piece animal puzzle which he has been working on sometime now. But now he knows it only too well. So we have graduated to some animal puzzle from  Djeco here .
Well you see the Zebra is the hardest one. I suffered through it. And yesterday while I was helping him with the monkey trying to figure out what goes where, and Ajit got up to help the puzzle challeneged me, by then Avy had already found the piece fitted it and was clapping his hands in joy! Oh those young minds!!!!

– Nursery rhymes are also in vogue. He can almost sing most of them, though his words are not fully clear yet. He sings in both languages and knows some in both. He will sing along with us all the time.

– Last week at his daycare they gave him milk by accident, in the last 1.5 years the first time it has happened. I can only be happy that his reaction was mild and that they are taking this matter seriously. So after 2 days of shock and thoughts of quitting my job, he is back. I have expected this in the past, and it was a mistake, a costly one yes, but the one they handled with care after the fact. I have to trust my instinct again, I cannot keep him in a shell ….He has moved up in his daycare to the next class, so after the stressful first few days- new teachers- he seems better. When I picked him up yesterday they told me that he is talking a LOT. His shyness is slowing going away and he is bursting out of his shell. Good to hear.

After a week we all have settled down, little one is back to his form, and everything seems okay, but the fear is lingering in the back of my head and I am back to feeling, what if it happens again….I must get used to living with this feeling I guess…No one can can watch over him like I can. There is going to be time when this happens, why, I myself have fed him ghee laden chapatthi after a slip of my mind….dont even ask me what I was thinking…I spent a sleepless nights and many days not able to forgive myself for that…all I can say is no matter how obsessed you are it happens. That is why there is epi-pen and benadryl. I just hope another incident does not occur and I am able to come out this fully…

Edited to add: After Remya’s comment. Amma is the biggest strength for us right now, not sure how I can handle all this with this health without her! I hope to feel betetr by the time she leaves, otherwise I know that she will suffer more than me!!!!

So since am back to having good thoughts, let me leave you with Avy’s version of Row, Row, Row your boat….

Amma sings “Row Row Row your boat gently down the ..” Avy starts “Steeeeeeem, Meow Meow Meow Meow life’sa dweeeeeeeeeeeeem”

LOL, Enjoy….See you soon, please come back 🙂

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