Love is…

Parental love is a different kind. It is a love that would make us give up our most favorite thing in the world for our kids.The love is so pure that makes you give up doing what you love just so that the person you love can do it.

Ajit narrated this beautiful incident to me which proves that this kind of love exists at any age.

A little back story, as the star of this narration is  Elmo. I am sure you all know who Elmo is. He has been Avy’s favorite for as long as I can remember.  He has an Elmo shaggy toy that he keeps on his bed and sleeps with. During certain conversations about relationships like father, mother, son etc, Avy was always curious on where his “son” was. He once told us “Avy has no son becowse he has no wife”.:)

A few days back he decided that Elmo is his “son”.  He would hug him, kiss him, play with him like we play with Avy, sleep next to him, read to him etc. So, couple of days ago, Elmo went to daycare with Avy.

Avy loves picking the mail from the mail box everyday. During the weekend he will make multiple trips to check on the mail and would be crushed if we ever touched removed it from the mailbox. As is his usual routine, when he gets back from daycare, he walks to pick up the mail. But he let his “son” pick it up as it is so much fun.

There, that love, truly comes at any age. The love that makes you give up anything you love doing so that the person you love can.


p.s Just a pic of him fitting a tail for Eeyore!!!


Things that make me smile

Some of my happy memories from the last couple of months recapped for today. Memories that bring an instant smile to me face.

Secret behind the tooth

During my surgery time P had come with her son T to help us out. T is 6 years old. While he was at home he lost a tooth, not his first, but the first one Avy saw. To say the least, Avy was shocked. The sheer possibility of losing his teeth scared him more than we had realized.

He asked us, why t had lost his teeth. Just to have some fun we said, it was because he ate too much sweet that his teeth started to fall off. Little did we know what we did then would have such a profound impact.

For the past two months, barely a day goes by, without Avy asking if his teeth are going to fall off. He would take a cookie, come back for another, but ever so cautiously ask me, if his teeth would fall off if he had another cookie 🙂

My favorite moment was when; we had given him some ice-cream. He came into the kitchen, and I was in a jubilant mood and said “Avy would you like some more?”. His face was aghast. He shouted “Nooooooo, my teeth will fall off”. He then dropped his bowl in the sink and walked away 🙂

Oh what we do to little one as parents. He still always checks before he has more, and brushes his teeth twice a day with no effort. So maybe it was not too bad to scare him a little, huh?

Best friend

Couple of weeks ago we had gone to a street fair type thing in the place we live. They have live music, food stalls, arts and crafts, tattoos, big bouncy houses for kids etc. Our plan was to enjoy the food, let Avy in the bouncy houses and just enjoy the slow evening. But things turned out different in a moment.

While we were seated and enjoying our potatoes, I hear a small voice calling “Avvvy”. We look up and  it is Avy’s best friend from his daycare and that kid had left to go to another school a couple of months ago. Avy had been so sad since he left. His grandparents brought him over and the kids were super joyed to see each other. The grandparents were super nice and told us on how much B talks about A and we rep each other at home and you can see they had missed each other.

So the evening ended up with us looking at the kids playing and it was so wonderful to see nostalgia in the face of almost three year olds. They have so many memories to catch up on in the little lives.  The effect a best friend has on your mood is instant and I really wished those two could go to school together. I suddenly missed my own!

All clear

So I went for my follow up ultrasound last week and met the doctor. Kidneys look fine. Whew relieved! I then started asking him to my Sep follow up sooner since I had some travel plans to finalize. He was so sweet he offered to do it then and there. Ajit and I held our breath. We saw it on the monitor when he left the camera in, praying to not find anything. We then saw a patch in the place the cancer was looking like it and I sunk in, only to hear the doctor say “That is not cancer, it is just leftover edema and will go away”

So yes I got my all clear. Small steps, baby steps.

Avy’s drawings

They have improved so much, he creates complex situations and draws them. Amma, Appa and Avy going in a car, our house living room, etc. To see him enjoy something so much always brings a smile to my face. Here is his drawing of an airplane going through a cloud..